When one declares oneself to be a conservative, one is not, unfortunately, thereupon visited by tongues of fire that leave one omniscient. The acceptance of a series of premises is just the beginning. After that, we need constantly to inform ourselves, to analyze and to think through our premises and their ramifications. We need to ponder, in the light of the evidence, the strengths and the weaknesses, the consistencies and the inconsistencies, the glory and the frailty of our position, week in and week out. Otherwise, we will not hold our own in a world where informed dedication, not just dedication, is necessary for survival and growth.

William F. Buckley Jr., Feb 8, 1956, NR

Friday, February 6, 2009

Short And To The Point.....

I have been reading over and over on conservative blogs that they wish Obama complete failure, but I truly wonder if they understand the ramifications of what they are saying. If Obama fails in keeping us safe and protected, then that means that you are in essence asking for another 9-11. Do you really want his absolute failure that bad that you would risk human lives to see it happen.? If Obama doesn't succeed in getting this country's economy stable once again then we are looking at a Great Depression like our lifetime has never seen. Is that worth the joy of seeing him fail? To me, my country's welfare supercedes my personal feelings for who is in charge of it. I am not picking up for him nor do I support his actions so far as president, but I just don't understand why people cannot see the big picture? I can't help but wonder if he does something you agree with, would you wish it doom, just because he is the one who accomplished it? Does it have to be all or nothing? Black or White?

I don't want his "liberal" policies including his "Distribution of Wealth" to succeed. We have said over and over on this blog that we will fight him when the need arises, but this blind hatred accomplishes nothing. I love this country and I wish her the best, regardless of who happens to be president at the moment. Can you truly say the same?

"I have more love for my country than hatred for it's president" .......me


CB said...


Based on the president's actions and beliefs, he does not want what you want. What he wants is frightening and it appears as if he will get what he wants.

I don't believe that he wants to save this country from economic ruin, I believe he wants to punish the country. I believe he wants to bring America to its knees. I also believe that he wants to sew the seeds of division, create a huge dependent class and use those distinctions to control the economy and population. I admit, there is a very real possibility that I'm wrong about what I'll say next, but I believe the man to be sinister in his intent.

I don't think he's interested in keeping us safe, I think he would cede more of our sovereignty to international bodies like the UN. I think he would be a tyrannical king given the least bit of leeway. So, I join those who wish him to fail because I don't believe that he has our interest at heart.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Jenn, I understand what you are saying, but what Obama is trying to do to the economy almost guarentees to take the economy down and not into a recovery.

We cannot liberally spend our way out and that is the only way Obama is willing to do it. It will fail as it has in the past with Carter and FDR plus so many other socialist countries that have tried this approach and destroyed their countries.

Obama's closing of Gitmo, dropping charges on the guy that attacked the Cole, weakening our intelligence gathering, appeasing our enemies will have the result in inviting attacks.

Iran already sees Obama's moves as a sign of weakness. Terrorists see it as weakness. Threats, kidnapping of Americans have already started as they test this weakness. That is ALREADY failure and he is planning more.

He cannot get our economy stable the direction he is trying. He is totally lost and has no clue as to what to do. I hope he fails in his attempt to take my country into socialism because this spending package is just the beginning of that slide to socialism and I cannot abide by it because we are not a socialist nation!

If he continues to weaken our resolve against terrorism that will make us vulnerable as before 9/11 inviting an attack and in that sense I do not want him to succeed in continuing to weaken our defense and resolve against the evil that wants to kill Americans and destroy our way of life.

This is not a hatred of Obama but a reality of what he is already doing to our country and it is just the beginning.

Look at what he did today from an economic stand point. He created and advisory group because he is lost that has as its main member the CEO of General Electric. A CEO who has brought a 68% drop in his compamies value in less than one year and Obama thinks he can show him the way with the Nations economy.

Obama is already failing and each passing day shows more and more just how much he is in way over his head and the country is suffering and will continue to suffer because of it!

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Jenn, thought of one more thing. If left alone, a recession will correct itself in 18 months or less. Without any government involvement this crisis would be over by the end of summer or early fall.

Obama's action will take years to recover. Government intervention NEVEr suceeds because recovery comes from business and the spending of consumers. If he truly beleived in spurring the economy he would institute tax rate cuts that would decrease payroll and businees taxes immediatly putting money in the pockets of the people and business.

That is real stimulus. It is my love for my country that hates what he is doing and what he plans on doing becuase if he succeeds as planned we will no longer recognize our country because it will no longer be a free Republic but an American socialim.

Governemtn programs take away freedom because the people begin depending on leaders and government to answer their problems and solve their troubles. That my friend is how Hitler convinced Germans to fall lock stock behind the NAZI party, which was The National Socialist Party.

He nationalized business and socialised programs which created government running of business and dependency of the people on social programs. this gave him the power and ability to remove all free elections and transformed a democracy into a dictatorship while the people who had become mind numb cheered on!

I am not saying Obama is like Hitler but he wants to take us down a similar socialst path and that I cannot support and pray will fail because I love my freedom and liberty and no President has the right to take that away from me or take my country down a path that is unconstitutional and against everything that we have fought and died for since the Revolution!

TAO said...

What a hoot!

Our government debt is at its highest level ever....and Barack Obama has not spent a dime yet.

Where we are today is not due to anything Obama has done but rather it is the sum total of what the 43 Presidents before him have done.

Compare him to Hitler and what he did to Germany?

Why not say it was the conservatives preaching the gospel of lower taxes that got us in the mess we are in right now....

Because while they gave us lower taxes and it did create higher tax revenues for the government they still continued to spend more than ever!

Since the greater increase in government debt occurred under Reagan and Bush Jr and they dramatically increased military spending then lets call a spade a spade and say we are bankrupt today because while you wanted greater defense you did not pay a greater price for it.

Deficits don't matter....

Remember that line?

Okay, lets do nothing for 18 months.

Citibank and Bank of America are bankrupt and out of business.

Unemployment will hit 20% or more.

People will be out of jobs and out of money and do you believe that they will accept their lot peacefully?

That is probably what Louis and Marie Antionette thought....

After 20 years of supply side economics where the mantra was always the the rich create jobs and businesses create jobs so benefit them and tax them less was the vogue we are going to expect a bunch of homeless americans are just going to wait around for the rich and the powerful to consume enough for them to begin to start consuming?

Oh, and you think that in 18 months it will all be okay and this problem will go away...

In 18 months we will still be falling further and spiraling down further.

I just love it when everyone rants about Obama and the future they project him to cause...

Yet not one word about the reasons why we are in the situation we are in now. In fact we will sting sing the praises of Reagan and Bush because they kept us safe but not a word about the fact that they bankrupted this country...

The old ways obviously didn't work.

So, why is everyone surprised that America wanted a new way?

That is why conservatives have become irrelevant as of the 2008 election. We spent 20 years ranting about lower taxes and increased military spending and we got that for almost 20 years.

So, look around you...this is a conservative success story!

This is the outcome of the Reagan Revolution...now go on and continue attacking Obama and socialism and maybe no one will notice the failure of your own ideology.

Jennifer...none of us should want our President to fail. If he fails then we suffer.

If he fails then America fails.

I do not want my country to fail and I do not want my fellow citizens to suffer.

I did not agree with much that Bush did but I did not want him to fail...I would have gladly accepted the fact that I was wrong, or that my way was better but his way was okay.

I am also not happy with the current stimulus plan, it is not enough spending on the right things and too much stupid tax cuts that do nothing but benefit a small group.

But that is the nature of compromise and democracy is nothing more than compromise.

Anonymous said...

Jenn, you are entitled to your opinion and I respect you for voicing it, but I can not agree with you.. I would love to support the new President, but I can't, and I won't. The liberals maybe fawning over their "yes we can" candidate, but I just can not. He just barely got out of the gate when he started to show us his real true colors. Signing those record amount of executive orders. Orders that went against eaverything that I believed in. Such as closing Gitmo. And dropping the charges against Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the U.S.S. Cole Bombing Mastermind. I'm furious at what is happening to my America. We as citizens are responsible for allowing this to happen by voting this SOCIALIST into office after everything we knew about him. The PC crowd and the media allowed this for the specific reason that he is black...period! There could not have been any other reason. And now it's time to wake up and do what we can to oppose him, not to support him.
Sure it's great to say: "I have more love for my country than hatred for it's president"
But what exactly does that mean? Sure that sounds great, but it's only a cliché. But the fact remains that now we have "rock star" and a "super hero" for a President, who happens to be PATHETIC. What a bunch of idiots have done to the office of the President of the United States is shameful. The Obama SUPPORTERS made the MISTAKE OF A LIFETIME. I only hope that we can survive the next FOUR years. Dissent is not unpatriotic, Someone needs to tell Obama that we have a President not a King. At this point he and his band of desperados can do whatever they want to with out any republican support. And he will! He is about to spend a trillion dollars with a single stroke of his pen while knowing that he, and the democratic party have virtually no one to oppose him.
We don't need a Do as I say, not as I do President. And a President that "Stands behind" tax cheats and crooks! I don't know who is worse, him or his cadre of dirtbags? But I do know that I will not satnd behind any of them

Anonymous said...

How can I "Support" or even "defend" Obama when he comes out with this..
Said to a roomful of the like-minded, the Democratic choir, regarding Republican opposition to his pork filled bill:

"the same tired arguments, the same talking points, the same cable chatter. Don't you just get tired of this stuff?"

For a moment there I thought he was talking about his own party. What a tyro!
Since when was the political process supposed to be a cakewalk anyway?
Are we to give him whatever he wants without any dissagreements where are the "checks and balances".. that guarantees that no part of the government becomes too powerful?
The IGNORANT obamination robots have had so much of his kool aid, they have lost ALL intelligence and common sense!! This is EXACTLY what it takes for SOCIALISM to SUCCEED.
Oh forgive me, I forgot, they don't have "checks and balances" in a Socialist regime.

ablur said...

How can we support a man who defies the principals our founding fathers gave life, liberty and finance for. We have separated ourselves from the key issues that caused the colonies to declare independence.
The first issue was taxation without representation. We our about to indenture our children and grandchildren with our greed and selfishness. We choose to further increase our debt and dissolve our nation without asking those who are doomed to pay for our failures. This is one of Obama's key issues that will only destroy our country and impoverish our offspring.
Now is not the time to increase spending. It is a time to look at what we spent and make better decisions with our money.

I can not support someone who chooses to injure my country. I do not want anyone to suffer or be hurt by bad policies and forfeiture of our independence to foreign powers.
We can only hope that the War on Terror has weakened the enemy enough to allow us to recover from the misguided results of our current leadership. If our enemy finds the means to recover faster than us, I can only hope that God will intervene.

Myself said...

Good post ablur, you made some great points. Points that I was thinking of myself.
This bill that they are about to pass is a joke.. $50 million in funding for the National Endowment for the Arts!!! Are they nuts?
Tell me how that creates any significant number of jobs? After-school snack program is probably a good idea. But do we need it now? We got along fine without it for a long time, why now? Do we really want to spend $726 million on it at this time?. A water something or other in Florida? Is this insane? A $920 Billion bill is not going to help the economy if it includes pork like these things. Every little bit of crap keeps pushing this bill higher and higher. It all may seem good and well at this point, but how are we going to eventually PAY for this Bill?
I may be crazy, but I say, take out everything that is not absolutely necessary right now. If Obama wants to be bipartisan, then he must be willing to negotiate. Not just calling the opposition names.
If Obama wants a bi-partisan bill why has he let Reid and Pelosi dominate the legislation? Why has he completely ignored all the republican ideas? If you remember during the election, Obama said almost the same thing about fundamentals as McCain did. Situations change and so do people's opinions, 1 year ago most people had no idea how bad the economy would get. This last election was not about ideas it was about rock star status. The bill Obama has put forth is just laughable. He is in office for only 3 weeks and he has shown us that he really is an empty suit. I think that if the election were held today, Obama would be limping back to Chicago --- where he belongs

Cable said...

Don't blindly support Obama...And don't just support him because you "respect the Office"
Question him on every issue.
We have too. Our very existance and our life style as we knew it depends on it.
And to you folks who wrote this blog..I ask you:It's funny you talk about wanting these socialist policies to fail as though it were a bad thing. But you say that it has nothing to do with wanting Obama to fail. After all, he isn't a socialist!

My Files said...

Myself said it like it is. Great comment.
Why should the feds be paying for daycare and school lunches, isn't that what parents are for?
I have never heard such a load of malarkey in my life. Do they think we’re completely stupid? I guess they do!

TAO said...

Not once in all the attacks on Obama does anyone acknowledge that the issues we currently face we not caused by Obama...

In fact it might be more realistic to realize that our current economic situation is caused by our military response to communism and to terrorism.

Realistically if you fear Obama and socialism then you have to ask yourself if it was Obama and socialism that got us into the financial mess that we are in?

Do you really believe that after 20 years of tax cuts that got us to the point we are today that more tax cuts will get us out of the mess we are in?

If digging gets you into a hole why would you continue digging to get out of the hole that digging got you in in the first place?

If you believe that being a superpower with a mightly military that fights terrorism and communism whereever in the world it is found then why would you not demand that your taxes be INCREASED to pay for that expense?

If you believe that the Iraq war was justified then by all means DEMAND that the government increase taxes to pay for it rather than slip it into our future debt?

Reality check folks!

Its not Obama and socialism that destroyed the future of this country....

Its conservatives, Republicans, Liberals, and Democrats over the last 20 years that demanded lower taxes, more government spending (which includes the military) and wanted to live well off without paying for it.

In other words it is you and me that became socialists 20 years ago when we thought that we could have our cake and eat it too...

Obama just represents a reality check to the stupidity of the last 20 years!

Obama is not something that came out of nowhere...we created him with lower taxes and deficit spending....

So, go ahead and keep denying the obvious....Keep arguing about what the founding fathers wanted...we kicked them out of our lives 20 years ago and until we accept the fact that WE destroyed our country over the last 20 years rather than Obama over the last 3 weeks....

Only once we realize and acknowledge our own stupidity and guilt can we regain the country we all profess to want....

Until then its all nothing more than the whining of losers....

You may not have voted for Obama but you created him.....

ablur said...

This country has been sliding from the foundations since the Everson decision of 1948. We have chosen to seperate from the fundemental principals of law and our constitution and taken a path far from ideal.
No WE did not create Obama, he is the product of our liberal indoctrination over multiple decades.
The sad part is how far we have fallen that Obama and McCain were the only choices available to the people of this great nation.

Anonymous said...

OMG....I was expecting some debates and discussion regarding this but this is just ridiculous. Where in my post did I say I support him blindly. Where did I say I support his socialist ideas?

If you actually read my words, I said I would fight his policies that I don't agree with and have already made calls and wrote my representatives.

Nobody has actually adressed any of my questions. As usual you all come on here and all you can say is how bad Obama is, and I agree with you for pete's sake. I said I didn't support his actions so far as president so why this attack? I truly don't understand it.

In no way do I say that we should just let Obama have free reign to do whatever he wants. Do any of you honestly even read what is written?

I am reading the same argument time and time again, but you don't answer my questions or address my issues. You say the exact same thing time and again. Blinding hatred, that is what it's called.

Let me give you an example....If Obama suddenly cures cancer....would you let your loved ones die, just to thwart him? I won't! That doesn't mean that I won't question or argue against the way he did it, though.

I'm not talking about SUPPORT people, I am talking about the hatred that makes you lose sight of everything. Why do you keep going on and on about "supporting" him? We cleared that up, about what, 4 posts ago?

Tell me, if he supported a bill AGAINST illegal immigration, would you be against him because we couldn't possibly "support" him?

Again, I am not talking about failure in his policies that I am against, but eventually he is going to do something I agree with. I ask again, ARE YOU SO BLINDED BY YOUR HATRED OF THE MAN,THAT YOU WOULD WISH HIM FAILURE, ULTIMATELY RESULTING IN OUR FAILURE?

Honestly, why can't you read the POST and actually discuss the POST instead of just coming here with your same old tired argument that we have heard OVER and OVER again.

I'm guessing some people just don't have answers to my questions because they don't seem to be able to do that. I am hearing the same exact things that I have read on posts and comments on most of your blogs.

What some of you are not getting is that I AGREE with you, that you should not just "support" him because he is the president. You should not "support" him when he does something stupid like this new bill. I AGREE with that. I don't know how many times I have to repeat that for you to understand it.

My issue again is with the BLIND HATRED that I have seen, and I think is potentially dangerous.

Can you tell me anything that has been accomplished with bitter hatred and anger? How much more could be accomplished with passion and a clear mind and vision?

Ken and CB, this does not include you....you both make some good points. If Obama isn't capable of anything but what you say, then I wouldn't agree with him either. You do not fit into the category that I was trying to address with this post. I am talking about the conservatives that have such hatred for the man that they are blinded to everything else. You have hatred for what he could do to the country. I understand that and actually agree with you on that point. I respect that. I fear what he could do to the country too. I think the reasons you wish for his failure make all the difference. That is exactly my point....you don't let your hatred for the man blind you. His policies on the hand, leave much to be desired.


Tao.....It's ironic that when I first met you, I had a lot of issues with you, but I am starting to see your point that conservatives "cut off their nose to spite their face." I really hadn't noticed that before, but I can understand why you have some issues with conservatives too.

Anonymous said...

Ablur, Sorry I didn't notice your comments earlier. You make the comment"

How can we support a man who defies the principals our founding fathers gave life, liberty and finance for.

I am in no way asking you to. Actually I don't find fault with your argument at all. You make some very intelligent and valid points. My issue is not with you because I think we are on the same page.

My issue lies with the conservatives and they know who they are, that cannot get past their blind hatred for the man that they lose any vision or goals that we as conservatives need to fight for. I have seen anger, bitterness and hatred from people, without once hearing what we should or could be doing as conservatives to fight against the policies they so despise.

Victor's Voice said...

Jennifer , In reading these comments I personally think that you are taking these criticisms much to personal. You opened up a subject and the people are commenting about IT ...not you or your beliefs. It's not about you, it’s about the way these people think about HIM (Obama)
I really don’t think that they are personally attacking YOU but HIM. In the eyes of these critics Obama is a big disappointment, and they are simply expressing their displeasure .

As for the post by TAO, I think that you are so caught up in the Obamamainia that there is NO hope for you. In supporting this president, the Dems have totally lost their credibility and their values!

Anonymous said...


Maybe I am, but frankly I am tired of being told that I am not conservative because of my opinions. I understand people wanting to express their feelings about Obama and I don't have a problem with it. But when they come over here time and time again and say the exact same thing, and not ADDRESSING THE POST, it gets frustrating. The people I am addressing didn't answer any of the questions asked in the post or address any of my concerns. Why take the time to write anything when regardless of WHAT you right, they say the same thing?

Anonymous said...

Jennifer said...

"Maybe I am, but frankly I am tired of being told that I am not conservative because of my opinions"

I didn't see that anywhere, maybe I missed it, but I didn't say that at all.
And I really think that Victor's post said it all.

Jenn, your blog stated the following:
"Short And To The Point.....
I have been reading over and over on conservative blogs that they wish Obama complete failure, but I truly wonder if they understand the ramifications of what they are saying"

Please show me or tell me where ANYONE said that! I have been reading this blog and many, many others and I never saw that.

ablur said...

Blind hatred is one of the things that got us here. We instead need to focus on policies and principals.
Personally, I have little use for Obama because he chooses the wrong side of history. He is either blind, ignorant or foolish. I can only hope that wisdom will be gained through experience. Can we afford the wait time?

I will choose to carefully and soundly argue the good and the bad points to any bill that is brought forward by him or the democratically controlled congress. I am not foolish enough to believe that no good can come of anything they put forward but I will be watching.
Currently, I am attacking the stimulus package with all that I am worth. The gross negligence and incompetence of what has been placed there needs to be fully exposed. Please come by and help me attempt to clear up what I feel is so wrong for America.

TAO said...


You assume I am wrapped up in Obamamania?

Thats quite a stretch...

Tell me how you come up with that one?

The reality is our economy is in a mess, and now you can believe that doing nothing will solve everything eventually but do you really believe that everyone is going to sit by and lose their livelihoods, their homes, their retirement while the economy gets back to mending its self?

Its obvious that free market folks don't even buy that one as manifested by Bush's support for the bailout of Wall Street.

So, did you actually believe that in a democracy we could bailout wall street and not bailout folks?

All the deficits for freedom in Iraq, and wall street and you really didn't think that someone like Obama wouldn't pop up and represent the other side of the coin?

Just like Reagan was a response to the failed policies of liberalism so to is Obama a response to the failures of what is currently known as conservatism.

Know you and I may realize that Bush was no conservative but to the majority he passed as conservative....its like Obama is no liberal to liberals....

An action creates a reaction....

Thats how I see Obama as just a reaction.

You are right about Jennifers comments...people are just venting....because I seriously doubt anyone in this country thinks anymore...they just rant and vent.

Sadly, Jennifer is trying to think and move beyond the current state of affairs....

Anonymous said...

A little off topic yet worth pointing out. Did anyone else notice that in his little interview on CNN Obama sounded like he was still campaigning? He kept slamming the “last eight years.” Stop looking back if it’s so bad in your eyes, look forward. I want to know what he will do for us not what he thinks of the last eight years.

As for his fear mongering,(" Obama warned Friday that the economic crisis could turn into “catastrophe” if Congress does not act soon")
on the stimulus packagehe wants us to be afraid of the economy so he can enlarge the government. He refuses to use the phrase “War on Terrorism” because it’s too mean to our enemies yet he’ll launch a war against capitalism. Foolish man.

TAO, I think that Victor has you mixed up with another person that comments often on this blog.

Arthurstone said...

CB typed:

'I don't believe that he wants to save this country from economic ruin, I believe he wants to punish the country. I believe he wants to bring America to its knees'

Why would he want to do that CB?

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I don't want his policies to succeed. I want him to succeed using sound policies that would be in the best interest of Americans and our nation. So far that's not happening, but I keep hoping.

I absolutely would never wish failure on any U.S. President.

Anonymous said...

Phew! Reading all of those comments almost made my headache return!

Jenn - I hear you girl and I am right there with you. I support our president, regardless of who he or she is. Do I like him? No. Do I trust him? Not at all. But attacking him will get us no where.

D said...

What I find most interesting about the entire comment thread is that not a single person has voiced an alternative to the stimulus bill, nor have they proposed a method by which we can use the absurd policies flowing from Washington the past couple of weeks to plug the dike of liberalism/socialism and return to the days of reason.

I find that there is a serious lack of leadership in the GOP and NO leaders among the conservative wing of the party. As I was taught in the Marines, "Marines without a mission ae bound to get in trouble" and I find that there is no mission among the conservative ranks.

There were some excellent suggestions/proposals to the stimulus bill and I think some ground was made in removing some of the wasteful spending. I think our mission should be to kill this bill before it sees any more light. There is little, if any, provision that will actually help our economy.

I think catastrophe could be on the horizon for our economy; not because the governemnt doesn't spend us into oblivion, but because governemtn is doing NOTHING to get out of the way for us to save ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Bob..... On DD2's blog.....

"I hope he and all his policies fail. I have stated that on MY blog numerous time. I hope he fails miserably"......Texas Truth

Bob....neither you nor Victor said it, I didn't' mean to imply that you did?? But it has been said a couple times on various blogs that I've visited.

I'm not going to go into that because it's a lot of finger pointing and that's not what this blog is about. He said/She said.

Anonymous said...

PCC......Amen to that!

Belinda.....we always seem to be on the same page....practical and realistic.

D...I believe this is your first time here, so welcome. I agree with your comment. We definitely have a lack of conservative leadership right now...although there is a few potentials.

You are spot on when you say we lack a mission, and that is EXACTLY what we are trying to do here! A mission, vision, and goal is essential to getting a conservative in 2012 and representatives in 2010.

TAO....venting and ranting.....it's running rampant and unless combined with action accomplishes nothing.

ablur said...

Businesses have life cycles. We cannot afford life support over the long haul. Sign the DNR and step back.

I wrote specificly about this in The Sky is Falling.

Anonymous said...

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...
I don't want his policies to succeed. I want him to succeed using sound policies that would be in the best interest of Americans and our nation. So far that's not happening, but I keep hoping.

I absolutely would never wish failure on any U.S. President.

Well hope away, it's like shark fishing in the desert sands of Egypt
Belinda said...
Phew! Reading all of those comments almost made my headache return!

Jenn - I hear you girl and I am right there with you. I support our president, regardless of who he or she is. Do I like him? No. Do I trust him? Not at all. But attacking him will get us no where.
But it's being truthful, Isn't it!
D said...
What I find most interesting about the entire comment thread is that not a single person has voiced an alternative to the stimulus bill,

Well you said it now, didn't you?

conservative news said...

You people who voted for Obama and you republicans who sat out the election will most certainly get what you deserve, which is another Jimmy Carter with double digit inflation. Unfortunately, the rest of us will also have to suffer right along with you. The lines are already forming with people just waiting to say "We told you so". Don't be surprised to hear that every day for the next 4 years. Maybe in 4 years you will be intelligent enough to vote for experience over inexperience, and common sense will have weaned you off of the Kool Aid.

TAO said...

Conservative News...

Actually, if you ask any economist a little inflation would be greatly appreciated!

Inflation would be a blessing, right now as deflation is the big concern.

The Fed has rates at about zero right now and inflation would give them the opportunity to increase their rates to a safer 4 to 6%.

As far as experience goes...it seems like every few years we are breaking in a new President...

Our last two Presidents served two terms each so we got off pretty easy in the learning curve. Now you want to train a new one every four years?

Whew! Thats work and not a real good sign for this country...

Anonymous said...

That's interesting that you say that, conservativenews......I voted for McCain and I know that most if not all the authors on here did the same. Not that any of us have to answer to YOU! Please get your facts straight before spouting off.

Anonymous said...

Just curious if there is a reason why you use two different names to get your point across? Is one not adequate enough?

Anonymous said...

Jennifer said...
Just curious if there is a reason why you use two different names to get your point across? Is one not adequate enough?

No mystery, I was not loged in the second time so I entered my name myself, not automatically.BTW, I didn't ask ANYONE "to answer to me"
I just make an observation.. I was NOT addressinf either of your authors here.
Bot that other poster was right you DO take everything personally..

Anonymous said...

I loved when Obama told the other muttonheads the other evening that his staff was really, really tired and that thry were really working hard.... Do these people have any idea of how real people live and work? Also, said that he and Michelle went to read to the chldren because they were tired of being in the White House. Believe me, me too. I am tired of them being in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Conservative.....When you say "you people" and it is our blog, exactly who else could you be talking about? If you were making a general statement you could have said THE PEOPLE.....BIG difference of words by the way

If I came on your site and criticized you, you wouldn't take it personally? Yeah....okay!


Laura...."Also, said that he and Michelle went to read to the chldren because they were tired of being in the White House. Believe me, me too. I am tired of them being in the White House."

LOL, cute comment!

Anonymous said...

My last comment on this thread because I feel like we are back in grade school the way we are going back and forth. (including me)

We are all on the same team. We are all after the same goal. This constant bickering between blogs and comments is exactly the opposite of what we should be doing. We are all different and so being, we are all going to have different opinions. That does not mean that one is wrong and one is right, just different.

Do we want to see a strong conservative in 2012? Yes!

Do we want conservative representation in 2010? Yes!

Do we want to preserve the Constitution? Yes!

Do we want the government to stop the wasteful spending? Yes!

Will we fight against Obama when he is a schmuck? Yes!

If you answered yes to those questions then we are most definitely on the same team and should start acting like it!

Anonymous said...

Jenn.....You seem to be very confused, let me try to explain.
When I said You people who voted for Obama, means anyone that voted for Obama...NOT You people on this blog that voted for Obama.
In GENERAL, People who voted for Obama!

Again, you are guilty of taking EVERYTHING so personally. I was actually addressing you Democrats out there!
Please get over it already.

Anonymous said...

Biting my tongue here......LOL

If you had READ the previous post I said that I am done with this back and forth bickering. I am TRYING to stop this childish crap once and for all. My last comment was my attempt at doing so.

I am not giving you a response to your comment because like I said, we are on the same team and I am tired of the fighting. I am not sure if you didn't read the last post, but I will not engage in these negative comments that benefit no one.


One thing that I am proud of here is that there are many different opinions....conservative, liberal and somewhere in the middle and yet, we all have respect for each other, even though we may not agree. We offer no less to you.

Anonymous said...

Man Jenn, I don't get it.. I didn't think my last post was negative at all, I was not trying to fight but rather trying to explain my previous post.
..Like I said, I don't get your being upset so I'm giving up myself.
Have a good time with your "team" I'll try hard not to come here and upset you any more.

John Morris said...

The shallowness of this blog is staggering.
I am tired of hearing the Republicans /and you Conservatives being such cry babies. Your party is over.
This blog only goes to show you the lack of support that you people give to the Pres. Of the United States.
I think the Republicans realize they are in trouble so they are trying to portray themselves as victims

Will there be more willingness to work with the US now that we don't look like this sole arbiter looking to right all the wrongs of the world? I support Obama in his endeavors
The. axis of evil are in the GOP. There are good and bad people in every nation. We have more than our fair share of baddies.It is refreshing to have a president who care about all Americans. There is hope for the future. Yes ,the Repubs will grunt, and rave and lose out in 2010. If they are listening to Limbaugh, they should get on that one -way slow boat to China with Cheney. Common sense are no longer common.
Republicans continue to block, obstruct, subvert, and whine.
Republicans have adopted their rallying cry: ““We want Obama to fail!””
They are taking every step they can possibly imagine towards that goal.
Republicans have nothing to offer but negativity. They only offer 1 idea: tax cuts.
We’ve been there, done that.
It failed, and now Republicans losers insist on more failure.
Obama has done everything possible to kowtow to the Republican losers. Democrats have given, given, given, and in return the subversive obstructionist Republicans have kicked them in the teeth every time.
This while hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs, their homes, and their savings.
Why waste money on tax cuts that does nothing?
Republican want tax cuts. What good are they to the people who are unemployed? They’’re great for rich people and big corporations who already have tons of money. They’’ll be thrilled to pocket that money in their vaults.
Instead, Republicans decided to just give the money to the banks with no strings attached.
I’’m not sure of much except that I want roads, bridges, schools, water and sewer plants, electricity, and all the other things that are crumbling around us as we speak.
But GOP wants to waste money on tax cuts. That is what got us here, and that is what will set up Obama to fail, which is their ultimate goal.
They care not one wit about anything else.
We can waste money on tax cuts and for bombs to blow up in the desert to no profit. Or we can spend on AMERICAN programs in AMERICA.
This is the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats want to spend money on American infrastructure and economic relief. Republicans want to waste money on tax cuts.

Anonymous said...

Conservative....Thank you for trying to explain yourself. You might not have meant it as a negative but that is how you came across to me. I'm sorry if I took it a different way than it was intended.

Whether you come back here is of course your decision, but you are welcome here. I promise I won't bite your head off next time! :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't owe him anything. He's not my messiah. He's not my President. He's not even legal or constitutionally in the office... and he sure isn't qualified to play or pretend to be God.
And I will Not support him.