When one declares oneself to be a conservative, one is not, unfortunately, thereupon visited by tongues of fire that leave one omniscient. The acceptance of a series of premises is just the beginning. After that, we need constantly to inform ourselves, to analyze and to think through our premises and their ramifications. We need to ponder, in the light of the evidence, the strengths and the weaknesses, the consistencies and the inconsistencies, the glory and the frailty of our position, week in and week out. Otherwise, we will not hold our own in a world where informed dedication, not just dedication, is necessary for survival and growth.

William F. Buckley Jr., Feb 8, 1956, NR

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Call To Conservatives

Tomorrow, a new President will be sworn in to serve our nation and defend her form our enemies. This is a monumental even in our nation’s history; one that regardless of politics can be looked back upon in years to come. There aren’t many events that occur in a person’s lifetime that can be seen as historic while they are evolving, but President Obama will indeed make history.

History will also be made regarding the events and supporting characters. We look back at the Reagan years and today see that the federal deficit exploded, creating a trend that continues to this day. What we often do not remember is the refusal of a congress, controlled by the opposition party, to make good on their word to provide spending cuts to offset approved expenditures.

I wish for a successful administration and that the President guides this nation through its current dark hours. I do not wish success for many of the items on the upcoming agenda, for I will surely find many of them to be tragic and ill-advised. However, it would be unpatriotic and un-American for me to wish failure on a President.

I will support my President at every opportunity. I will oppose him when his actions strike at the heart of my convictions. If he sends our forces in harms way I will support him and those forces, whether I believe in the mission or not. I find it reprehensible to do otherwise. I am not suggesting that we abandon conservative beliefs; indeed, I find the need for mature and consistent leadership to be at the heart of conservatism. We must make decisions for the general welfare of our people, in line with the Constitution, and we owe it to present a well reasoned and philosophical opposition where it is necessary.

We are issuing a call to all conservatives to rise above politics. For too long, our nation has been divided along ideological lines. This is not a bad thing as both sides have their opinions and beliefs as to the role of government and the proper administration of the nation’s business. It becomes a negative when our legislators act as politicians, and not statesmen. Every liberal idea is not bad, just as every conservative idea is not good. No matter who is in control of the White House and the Congress, we point fingers and call names. It isn’t just bloggers, but the very people who are supposed to represent us in the hallowed and solemn halls of the most benevolent government in history.

Have you ever been involved in a circular argument with a spouse or a child? Child 1 says he does A because Child 2 does B. Child 2 says he wouldn’t do B unless Child 1 didn’t do A first. That is exactly what happens in Washington. It has to stop, and someone has to be the adult influence to make it so. If conservatives want to move forward and return to principled leadership, this is our role beginning tomorrow. We must act as statesman, placing the good of the nation before our party. We must step forward and stop the blame game and the finger pointing and the name calling. We must refrain from special prosecutors when the President or his people jaywalk. We MUST NOT repeat the Lewinsky fiasco, which was only an issue because we made it one. We must focus on the business of America – terrorism, financial stability, and responsible yet restrained government.

Join us in refusing to concede that we can do nothing more than whine and complain and play politics. Join us in demanding that we stop procrastinating, make tough decisions, and bring this nation to a new era of prosperity. It begins tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Robert, I seriously agree with everything that you said, seriously. Our future is way to important for bickering and unnecessary arguments.

Brooke said...

Great pot, Robert.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Brooke, great post! I am not fond of Obama but he is our new president and I will support him. I will also fight him tooth and nail when the need arises and I am sure it will. We definitely need to do more than complain, we need to rise above politics...I couldn't agree more!

Patrick M said...

The only problem I see is that we're going to have to fight the president more often and not, along with both houses of Congress, and especially the McCain RINOs.

Almost sounds like fun.

CB said...


If troops are sent in harms way, I'm with you, I can't do it any differently. While I respect the office and what President elect Obama has accomplished, I stand firmly with the principled opposition. I can't recall a single idea of his that I can support. Even the things that initially sound good are tempered by some crazy leftist notion.

Having said that, I can always pray for his epiphany, recognizing that if he succeeds with his agenda, he will take all of us down with him. I'll be on an airplane, traveling to Detroit, during the inauguration. I wasn't at all upset when my business plans called for me to be on the move today.

Gayle said...

As for me, I am going to pray for him, Robert. I'm going to pray that he sees the light and does the right things. I will oppose him when I disagree with him, but I will never sink to the level of the far left!

Wonderful post, by the way and I hope you have a wonderful day too.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Robert, as you know I am a conservative but my first duty is as a citizen of The United States.

Which means it is my Constitutional responsibility to hold ALL elected officials accountable to the Constitution and to the people, regardless of party.

I did so with President Bush who I voted for and I will do so with Obama who I did not.

Whining does no good. We must have the responsibility to stand for what we beleive and to make those who are elected to leadership responsible in like manner to our beliefs.

That my friend I will do to the best of my ability. Whether President, Senator, Congressman or Governor!

Robert said...

All, my greater point wasn't about abandoning principles or not fighting over issues. My point was about the way in which we do it.

I would prefer that we insert civil discourse and statesmanship into the arena, rising above the opposition in moral standing and in our rhetoric. The absence of so many GOP personnel form Washington today was childish and immature.

We have passed a point in this country that we must address issues that confront us. We can no longer ignore them or leave them for others. It is time to roll up our sleeves and get onboard to restore our Nation.

TRUTH-PAIN said...

The founding Brothers and Sisters of Amerigo Vespucci's discovery (or Columbus' if you care...) meant for us to bicker and have hearty partisan fights. Otherwise they feared we would fall into the blase of yearning for the comfort of Monarchy....

I think your post is of a noble heart and of far grander magnanimity than I have in my genetic makeup. I say inject some juice into your larynx and shout yet louder. Don't give an inch for the sake of statesmanship. Don't give quarter to movements that are contrariwise to the Nation's bone marrow just to win favor of false centrism or media courtship.

Remember, in 1976, we all thought we were seriously screwed. Nixon had made the GOP name toxic, Vietnam had kicked our ass, and a young unknown (Carter) candidate had risen out of nowhere to win the Nation's adoration. Sound familiar?....

Four years later Reagan happened...

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

"The absence of so many GOP personnel form Washington today was childish and immature."

FYI Robert, this absence was by design, not by the GOP but by the invitation of the party in charge. It was their day and they did not invite anyone from the GOP.

This is normal whether GOP or Dem on Inauguration Day. The party of the new President invites who they wish to the proceedings and the othere party is always left out in the cold. Nothing new.

The GOP who were not serving in office that we saw like Gingrich were invited because of the position held in the past. He was Speaker and was invited because of that. Otherwise there was not an invite.

Like I mentioned it was their day and they had control over who they wanted at the Inauguration.

The press made a deal out of it because that is what the press does. They also made a deal out of the lack of invitations to the Bush Inaugural 4 years ago when the same situation was in reverse.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Oh forgot to add, I was not thinking that you were suggesting that we leave our principles in order to work with current leadership.

I stated what I do whoever is in office. It is just I will of necessity have to do it MORE with Obama there.

BTW the Lewinsky deal was becuase Clinton got caught lying to a Grand Jury. The only reason it became the fiasco that it did was because the press who were in the Clinton tank did not like that their guy was caught.

They used their ability to pick and choose what they say to make the situation look like it was about sex rather than lies.

Remember Clinton was later barred from practicing law before the Supreme Court and 40 of the fifty states because of his actions after the deed and not because of the deed.

TAO said...

I hope that the events yesterday spark a new spirit of involvement among all Americans. Not just an involvement in politics but an involvement in their communities, their churches, and the world around them.

I hope it sparks a revival of a discussion on what exactly what does it mean to be an American and not just in the flag waving support the troops kind of way.

No matter if one is liberal or conservative one is American and America is still about the common good and not special interests.

America is about sacrifice and hard work not advantages and gimmicks.

Its been along time since truth and logic have had any influence in the halls of government and its time they returned. It makes no difference which party one is loyal to none of us should be proud of the government that has led this country over the last 20 years and one side can point to the other and make all the claims one wants but the reality is it has all been a sad and depressing state of affairs for our country and I cannot see how a Clinton or a Bush can hold their head up and be proud at this point in time because today is their legacy....and you can point all you want and excuse all that you will but there are no astericks allowed on ones legacy.

So, here's to the promise of CHANGE

Gayle said...

Tao said: "No matter if one is liberal or conservative one is American and America is still about the common good and not special interests." Exactly! Oh how I wish we could get the liberals to understand that!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Gayle said...
Tao said: "No matter if one is liberal or conservative one is American and America is still about the common good and not special interests." Exactly! Oh how I wish we could get the liberals to understand that!

Gayle, my friend, that was President Obama's core message!


"There is no red America or blue America; there is only the United States of America."

He really means it.

How do I know? He's already p.o'd a lot of radical liberals.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, this post sounds like it was written by a 3rd grader for her/his book report. We all know and if you don’t then you should what Obama represents and it is nothing that we Conservatives stand for. So what’s all this buttering up about? What is this a prayer for him to turn his Marxist azz around and do this country any good? No, it’s not going to happen and all your azz-kissing isn’t going to make it happen. So call it as it is. A disaster!
Obama reversed the most disputed counterterrorism policies of the Bush administration on Thursday, declaring that “our ideals give us the strength and moral high ground” in the fight against Al Qaeda. But Mr. Obama postponed for months decisions on complex questions the United States has been grappling with since the terrorist attacks of 2001
While we mourn the victims of 9/11, he wants to close up Gitmo and possibly turn those terrorist lose. To do what? To kill us again? What is he proving? Is he making a gesture to our enemy? The reality is that Obama's gestures are cowardly. The whole point of these policy reversals made so early is to slap Bush in the face. It is very obvious. If we get attacked in the next 4-8 years the blood of the victims will be on HIS hands. He stops tough interrogations, another slap at Bush.
And you people here flaunt all over him. Kissing up to him. I say BS The hell with Obama, I don't want to give him a chance! Is that what they did for Bush? Did they ever give him a chance? No, they hated him from day one. Remember how he couldn’t even get into the White House? Remember how they trashed it and trashed Air force one? Well I remember it well. Just because he’s the president, it does NOT mean we have to go along with all his idiotic ideas--even if they call us racist. I’m not afraid to be called a racist, not after all that he has done. Not after the so called reverend that HE picked to recite that FOOLISH benediction. The way you people and everyone else is drooling over BHO is so sad. Like I said before SCREW HIM!
And some of you people here shock me. I have read your blogs and from the way you sound here you sound very two faced.
Just because this guy Robert wrote it, that don't mean you have to agree like a bunch of two faced sheep. Think for yourselves people.
Barack Obama is bad for America, has been urging us to sit down and talk with the terrorists, to have a heart to heart talk with the Islamic Jihad and the nations that sponsor such terrorism and killed so many Americans. Is this what America does?
Yes, I'll grant you he can deliver a flowery, inspiring speech about "change," but once you get past the rhetoric, there is little to state how exactly that change will occur.
Our media has it’s leftist agenda and some of them actually do get it but won’t admit it. What amazes me is that they seem to think of themselves as invulnerable to the hurt and suffering that Marxism causes and that they, too, will go down with the ship.

Joe said...

I do hereby swear to afford the Obama administration the same consideration that his Party afforded President Bush's. Only I will be civil about it.

Anonymous said...

Fine post Sandy, I hear what you are saying and I completely agree with you. His presidency is being used to promote racism in America.. He is killing the needed programs that president Bush put into play and it worked for 7 and one half years, so why kill them?

The Reverend issue you mentioned in your comments were right on target.
We don't have to support him just as the Left never supported president Bush..

Robert said...

I will ignore for the moment the lack of actual solutions to any issues in this diatribe, and instead focus on the fact that each word presented by Sandy proves the thesis of the post itself.

“Obama reversed the most disputed counterterrorism policies of the Bush administration on Thursday, declaring that “our ideals give us the strength and moral high ground” in the fight against Al Qaeda. But Mr. Obama postponed for months decisions on complex questions the United States has been grappling with since the terrorist attacks of 2001.” There were numerous policies of the Bush administration that were controversial, and some will be overturned, some ruled unconstitutional, and some will be allowed to stand. These questions that you mention are indeed complex, and deserve serious attention and not partisan bickering like a bunch of children on a playground. The issue of individual rights, cherished so deeply by the founders of our nation, is not one to be thrown about lightly. I support the use of Guantanamo Bay to house terrorists, and support the intelligence gathering conducted there. At the same time, intellectually I can see that there is merit to the arguments of the left regarding trials and the length of denial of basic liberties. Our ideals prevent the detention of people without a charge, and the incarceration of a man without trial. If we deny those things to anyone, then where do we own the moral high ground to enforce such liberties on citizens/governments of other nations?

“DO NOT SUPPORT HIM!” The opinions of an American citizen who refuses to support the President of the United States should be immediately discounted. I support the office; I support the person holding that office. It is policy and law that I will refuse to support when it runs counter to the best interest of this nation or her citizens.
This kind of rhetoric and behavior is exactly why the state of politics has dissolved into little more than schoolyard scuffling, and exactly why the leftist agenda will rule the day of the next eight years. Without the support of the majority of the American people, conservatives who take this approach will only marginalize themselves more, and fail as they did in 2008.

D said...

An additional note, Gitmo prisoner number 372, Said Ali al-Shihri, was released in November 2007 and is now the Al-Qaeda #2 in Yemen.

Yet it is exclusively the liberals who make bad decisions?

Al-Qaeda Chief Released, FoxNews

The first thing we as conservatives must do to become successful again, is to be intelectually honest.

New York Gal said...

"A Call To Conservatives" My backside. You can call to whoever you think will listen to that bunk.
Sandy is right one, we owe nothing to Obama and the left. The all can go to hell.
Just like they wished for pres. Bush. Did any of them media included EVER give him a chance? Hell NO!
So why do I have to give him anything. I think that America will get by with his rotton crap. We are strong enough to survive for the 4 years he will be around and then he will be thrown to the wind like Carter.

I did not vote for him,
This is my country no matter whose president I love my country.
Many people voted for Barack Obama because he was black and they got just what they deserved, a black president who is a racist. There were so many other black men that would have been so much better for us and i would have proudly voted for one if he deserved my vote. Color is all that took Obama to the White House Obama didn't deserve my vote and i see NO reason to abide to your " Call To Conservatives".
Anyone who will not won't honor this country or flag until he was pressured to does not sit to well in my books.
Now that the libs have what they want...a majority in both houses and the presidency. Almost time to start shifting the blame to the republican 'obstructionists' every time the little messiah stumbles over his feet. I truly fear for the safety of the country.
No Robert I will not support this guy. And by the looks of this thread, i am not alone.
Nuf said?

New York Gal said...

I had already heard what D said about Ali al-Shihri, being released in November 2007 and now the Al-Qaeda #2 in Yemen.
Do we need any more proof that this man is a amateur. And please don't dictate to me about being a good American and supporting the Office of the president. I know all about that and I've heard it a million times. Like the left supported out troops but not the war... MORE Bull Shit.
And trust me, I am a VERY proud and patriotic American. Just as much as YOU are.

Robert said...

Actually, Carter wasn't thrown to the wind. He is the most active former President ever to be on the world stage, and tasked by more than one administration to engage in diplomacy. Might want to re-think that one.

I don't find it very patriotic for anyone to refuse to support a sitting President. I didn't find it particularly patriotic for the left to refuse support for President Bush, either.

It is time to rise above the pettiness of politics. There are very serious issues facing our nation, and they won't be effectively resolved in the next four years. Social security, terrorism, and an exploding national debt are issues that cannot be tabled for the sake of political firebombs. If conservatives truly believe that we have the cure for what ails us, then we have to start thinking and acting, and not holding our breaths like some spoiled three year old. The fact is that the GOP has been in decline for a decade because of our own lack of focus and leadership.

Most of America wanted change. President Obama isn't the change I was hoping for, but the GOP didn't deliver alternatives. Most of America is ready to take a new direction, and the time is now to define that direction for the long term. It is the perfect time for President Obama to be the catalyst for mature and honest thought to re-emerge on the right.

Anonymous said...

Sandy said it best when she said that this blog sounds like it was written by a 3rd grader for their book report.
Barack Obama is a Blithering Liberal Idiot and I do'will NOT support President Barack Obama
Just look at just how naive Obama really is. Perhaps he will replace all our missiles with Gummy Bears and Unicorns!
He wants to act as if he's Abe Lincoln or John Kennedy but I think hes more like Jimmy Carter of Bill Clinton idiot that he is./
And don't give me that sermon you all like to use abit bringing the country together.
All of you Kool Aide drinkers can support Obama if you want to, but don't tell me about supporting the person holding the office. It's my choice and I just won't support that CREEP.
You say that "
Most of America wanted change"

Well that's fine and dandy, but not his kind of change.

"It is the perfect time for President Obama to be the catalyst for mature and honest thought to re-emerge on the right"

Give me a break, do you really believe what you are saying?

It is time to rise above the pettiness of politics

Your blog is like a fairy tale.
Get real and stop being so naive

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Robert said...

The Stones crowd has arrived...its the equivilent of having your neighborhood grocery tagged by 7th graders after school...

Enjoy your stay, close the door behind you please.

Robert said...

SHaw, I am not sure if I mentioned it on your first arrival, but I am glad you are here. Good to see you around, and you are welcome, as always to comment however you wish.

Private Line said...

This kind of rhetoric and behavior is exactly why the state of politics has dissolved into little more than schoolyard scuffling, and exactly why the leftist agenda will rule the day of the next eight years. Without the support of the majority of the American people, conservatives who take this approach will only marginalize themselves more, and fail as they did in 2008.

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander, My days of Kissing lefties ass is over.
You can do and say what you please too
YOU drink the Kool-aide
But don't preach to me.

Robert said...

And Stones, might want to visit the V.A. for that multiple personality disorder. Nice try, though.

nanc said...

i, for one, will support this potus ONLY in the matters of the Lord - all else need not apply.

we've compromised too much already and they've set the substandard - as long as we can remain above the bar that's a-okay with me.

no more compromising!

Helene said...

Suddenly, people like you as well as the MSM have dug deep & found a wellspring of respect for the Office of President. How timely & decent of you and them. We must really be going in the right direction now..
But pardon me if I pass on him.
All who say anything critical about the regime, are racists, unpatriotic "neocos, and rednecks", soon they will find themselves in proper reeducational camps. I don't think that we need any election anymore, after all we have the right Leader. The great good Leader. He will lead us to shake off our shackles and chains and in unity we march together towards Utopia. The dissenters will be cured and convinced to join the Patriotic Unity Marchers.
If I disagree with a policy, or even something he says, that I will say so. I have more than earned that right, and do not dissent in order to tear down this country. This is a nation of diversity, as embodied by our President himself, and to attempt to muzzle all dissent in order to achieve a false sense of unquestioning unity is to betray the very spirit of that diversity.

We MUST NOT repeat the Lewinsky fiasco, which was only an issue because we made it one.

Sorry, but you are wrong AGAIN..We didn't make it one, BILL CLINTON made it one!

Robert said...

Helene has no profile, which I assume is an effort to hide form the black helicopters which are undoubtably looking for her as we speak....

I am curious who sent you here? It is obvious that you have not been here before, as you suppose that I have "dug deep" to find a respect for the Office of the President. I have said nothing here that I have not said for many years.

I do find it interesting that there is so little respect for discourse and debate, and the emotional tantrums parallel what I previously thought was the tactic of the left...

Anonymous said...

For some reason this conversation doesn't surprise me in the least. When one of you come, you bring along your "posse" to confirm what you write. A bit childish, but then again, we have seen it before from the likes of you and we know who you are and you know who you are.

The whole problem with the conservative movement is the childish, bitter, all or nothing attitudes that you portray here. You complain about the treatment of Bush yet you turn around and do the same thing to Obama....a bit hypocritical, don't ya think. I don't like Obama, let me get that clear, right here and now. The moves that he has pulled already have me upset, and like I said before, when he does something that I don't like, I will fight him for all I'm worth.

This 3rd grader mentality, "well they started it" and "I didn't vote for him so I am not going to support him" is rather unpatriotic in my opinion. He is our president whether I like it or not, (not) but as an American I will give him the respect he deserves as president.

It's rather ironic that you detest the liberals and their actions and yet you turn around act just like them.
You are no better than the liberals that you always criticize. Your bitterness blinds you to the bigger picture. Do you honestly believe that you are accomplishing anything with your tired, worn out whining. Get over it already! Suck it up and move forward and if you can't manage to do that, save your moaning and groaning to your own blogs and let the people that actually have a vision and a positive attitude move forward instead of standing in place and stomping your feet!

Maybe this is a bit harsh, but frankly I'm tired of playing games with children. The whole "posse" thing every time you don't like a post is seriously getting old, and accomplishes nothing but letting you vent and bitch on yet another blog. By coming here in droves, you confirm to us that you don't have enough balls to stand on your own convictions, if you can even call them that!

If you can't face the fact, that like it or not, he is our president, and although none of us here are particularly happy about that, we see the bigger picture. It is sad that you cannot.